A.T.C. Welder-Fitter

(2 Years)

Required Courses:
WELD 0130Safety and Leadership2
Select one of the following two options.
Option one:
WELD 0131Welding Practice I12
Option two:
WELD 0131AShielded Metal Arc Welding4
WELD 0131BGas Metal Arc Welding4
WELD 0131CFlux Cored Arc Welding4
Additional courses:
WELD 0132Welding Practice II12
WELD 0140Welding Theory2
WELD 0141Mechanical Drawing2
WELD 0142Blueprint Reading for Welders2
WELD 0143Shop Math I2
WELD 0231Welding Practice III13
WELD 0232Welding Practice IV13
WELD 0241Metal Layout3
WELD 0243Shop Math II3
Total Hours66

 Major Academic Plan (MAP)