Programs in Marketing

Marketing, B.B.A.DegreeB.B.A.
Professional Sales, Academic CertificateCertificate

Department Overview

Marketing is one of the largest and most diverse areas of business. Through its various creative, communicative, and data-driven channels, the field of marketing is based around promoting and sharing the value of a product or service with the consumer. Marketers enjoy the study and understanding of influences on consumer decisions, needs and interests. This knowledge is leveraged for the development and promotion of products and services that meet those needs. Marketers might work in the areas of research, tracking and analyzing metrics, strategic planning or utilizing creative tools and materials to create solutions and attract customers.

Moreover, we include an applied educational component in our program so that our students have the opportunity to learn through applying the concepts studied in the classroom. College of Business 3393 internships and College of Business Core Courses do not count toward the 24 credit hour major course requirement.


Marketing Courses