College of Technology


The College of Technology is one of the largest post-secondary technical institutions in Idaho. The College provides high quality Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs that are designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills required to meet the employment needs of business and industry.

Students are offered a distinctive opportunity to acquire a Career & Technical Education in a university setting and may participate in a wide range of campus activities in addition to completing occupationally focused programs of study. Programs of study include technical certificates, associate and baccalaureate degree programs, adult basic education, and continuing education/workforce training.

Students can develop leadership skills by participating in organizations such as the Associated Students of Idaho State University (ASISU), the Business Professionals Association (BPA), SkillsUSA, and other College of Technology student organizations.


The mission of the College of Technology is to prepare students for successful performance in high-skill, in-demand careers.


An acceptance letter is sent to all accepted College of Technology applicants. An advance registration deposit, which will be applied to the first registration fee, is required of applicants upon acceptance into a College of Technology program to ensure a place in the program.

Non-attendance Policy

Students not attending the first day of class may be dis-enrolled due to non-attendance. If students do not attend program courses the semester they were accepted, their seat in the program will be forfeited and they must meet with a Student Success Navigator to obtain a new seat.

Change of Curriculum

Students who want to change registration from the College of Technology to academic courses are required to meet the university’s academic admission standards such as ACT/SAT requirements for students under the age of 21. Students should contact the College of Technology’s Student Services Office (208-282-2622) to initiate the process.


One College of Technology credit is equivalent to approximately 15 hours of lecture, 30 hours of laboratory, or 45 hours of clinical or internship.

Credits Granted for Previous Training or Experience

A student seeking credit for prior training, education, or work experience may gain credit through various ways. See Alternative Credit Opportunities for detailed descriptions of options and policies.

General Education Requirements for Career Technical Programs

Students seeking an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree must complete a minimum of fifteen (15) credits of General Education coursework. The fifteen credits must include:

  1. Written Communication (ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1101P, or ENGL 1102) 3-4 credits
  2. Oral Communication (COMM 1101) 3 credits
  3. Mathematical Ways of Knowing (any Objective 3 course) 3 credits
  4. Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing (any Objective 6 course) 3 credits
  5. Three (3) credit hours towards any unfulfilled Objective.

TGE 1140 (Objective 3), TGE 1257 (Objective 4), and TGE 1150 (Objective 6) are recommended if other general education courses are not required by the program. See specific program requirements.

This language follows Idaho State Board of Education Statewide General Education policies and procedures.  Please visit the link below for more information.


Progression into succeeding courses of study will require successful completion (passing grades as defined by the program) of required coursework for each semester/session.

Change of Program

To change programs within the College, a currently enrolled student must see a Student Success Navigator in the Student Services Office.

If a student is on probation and changes to another program, the probation status is transferred to the new program. If a student is on academic dismissal and changes programs, the dismissal status transfers to the new program. Please refer to the Academic Standing section of the Undergraduate catalog for a complete description of Idaho State University’s Scholastic Probation and Dismissal Policy.

Application for Graduation

Please see Applying to Graduate for information on how and when to apply to graduate.

To graduate from a College of Technology program, a student must have an accumulative grade point average of 2.0 (without any F grades based on the required College of Technology courses) in the enrollee’s program of study. A student must complete an application for graduation and pay a diploma fee.


The following certificates are offered for designated programs through the College of Technology. Programs offering certificates meet approved curriculum.

  • Basic Technical Certificate
  • Intermediate Technical Certificate
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • Specialized Certificate

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Associate of Applied Science Degree is offered for designated programs through the College of Technology. Programs offering this degree require at least 60 credits, a minimum of two years in length, and represent mastery of a defined set of competencies. For additional information, contact the Student Services Office at the College of Technology at (208) 282-2622.

Interdisciplinary Degrees

Bachelor of Applied Science

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree is an interdisciplinary degree designed specifically for students who have completed Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees approved by the Idaho State Board of Education. The purpose of this degree is to provide AAS graduates the opportunity to expand their general education competencies and to enhance the technical coursework of their AAS with related academic coursework. This degree builds upon the knowledge a student gained through the pursuit of the AAS while providing the education and critical thinking skills that open career opportunities. The BAS degree is administered through the Student Services Office in the College of Technology. All individual degree plans are approved by assigned advisors and by a representative university committee. See

Bachelor of Science in Health Science (BSHS) with a Concentration in Health Occupations

The objective of the BSHS Concentration 5: Health Occupations, is to allow students who have graduated or are enrolled in health occupations training at the level of an associate degree to pursue a bachelor’s degree with an advanced general health science focus. This degree provides a curriculum for students who desire an education that can serve as a foundation for additional professional or graduate work in several health science professions including medicine, dentistry, hospital administration, medical technology, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Concentration 5 of the the BSHS is administered through the Student Services Office in the College of Technology. See

Program/Option/Course Availability

A program, option, and/or course may not be offered if one or more of the following conditions exist:

  1. Insufficient student enrollment
  2. A certified instructor is not available
  3. Adequate facilities and/or equipment are not available

Other Policies

Policies not stated in the College of Technology section of the catalog will follow Idaho State University policies. Program policies are provided in the program's Student Handbook and can be found on the program website. Waiver of any of the above rules may be made only by petition and with the approval of the program coordinator, department chair, and the dean of the College of Technology.

Admission to the College of Technology

Prospective students are admitted to College of Technology programs based on their interests, aptitudes, and potential to succeed in specific programs of instruction. The College of Technology is an open enrollment college and allows anyone who needs education services entrance at some level. Some programs have specific entry requirements in addition to the general requirements. Part-time enrollment in some regular preparatory programs is possible. Student Success Navigators are available to assist students in choosing programs and completing applications. For additional information, contact the College of Technology’s Student Services Office at (208) 282-2622.

Admission Steps

  1. Complete an application for admission at and pay fees online. Be sure to click on the Undergraduate Application, then click on the College of Technology Application and select your program choice. If you are applying for the Associate Degree Registered Nurse program, Geomatics Technology, Respiratory Therapy program, or a bachelor's degree offered through the College of Technology, simply go to the Undergraduate Application.
  2. Submit an official copy of your high school transcript or GED ® scores (not required if you have submitted proof of 14 or more academic credits from an accredited institution of higher education).
  3. Request an official college transcript from each accredited institution of higher education that you have attended. Transfer students are required to have a 2.0 cumulative GPA or submit an admission petition.
  4. Submit your ACT or SAT scores.
    1. If you do not have SAT or ACT scores you will need to take the ALEKS math placement test. Please contact the Student Services office at (208) 282-2622 to schedule this placement test. 
    2. Home schooled applicants will be required to submit both ACT and SAT scores. 
  5. Meet with one of the College of Technology Student Success Navigators to finalize your acceptance. To make an appointment, call (208) 282-2622.
  6. Apply for financial aid if needed.

For program admission, test scores are valid for two years.  Exceptions may be made for competitive programs.

Admission Requirements

Because some programs fill several months in advance, all necessary documentation should be completed and returned to respective offices as early as possible. If applications are late, processing may be delayed. Students may appeal admission decisions through a petition process.

Upon completion of fourteen (14) College of Technology credits with a 2.0 GPA or better, students are eligible for transfer to an academic major.


Career & Technical Education Admission Standards

Prospective students must meet the following conditions for CTE Admission:

  1. Graduate from high school or earn a GED. 
  2. Complete a placement examination (ACT, SAT, or ALEKS). Scores will be used to determine placement eligibility for specific programs.

Students Not Meeting Minimum Program Test Scores

  1. Students must attempt the ALEKS placement test a minimum of three times.
  2. If a student does not meet minimum program requirements, the student may be admitted to  the program major but will be restricted from taking any course with the program suffix until the program placement requirements are met by either:
    1. Appropriate MATH or Objective 3 course completion with a C- or better; or,
    2. Submission of minimum program test score.
  3. Upon enrollment in the appropriate course or achieving the minimum program test score, the student will be granted a position in the next available cohort for non-competitive programs. 
  4. Should a student elect to complete a MATH or Objective 3 course, grades will be checked twice during the semester. If the midterm or final grade is below a C-, the student’s cohort position will be forfeited. 

It is recommended that students meet with a Student Success Navigator for all admission options.



Former College of Technology students who have been out of school one session/semester or more must complete a petition form in the Student Services Office for approval to return to the program. Students will enter under the current catalog.