Master of Health Education

Admission Requirements

To be accepted as an applicant for the Master of Health Education degree, the student must apply to and meet all criteria for admission to the Graduate School. In addition, the Health Education Program may require the applicant have the necessary background in:

  1. the related natural sciences, and
  2. basic statistical procedures.

Entrance Procedure

The Admissions Committee will review MHE applications and admit prospective students who satisfy the MHE Program and Graduate School admission requirements. Applicants who do not completely satisfy requirements are referred to the Admissions Committee to determine recommended admission or denial. 

For classified admission into the program, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The student must apply to and meet all criteria for admission to the Graduate School.
  2. Submit all previous college transcripts and have a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0 in upper-division courses. An applicant who currently holds a graduate degree must submit transcripts, but the undergraduate GPA requirement will not be part of departmental consideration.
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation from individuals (non-relatives) who are familiar with their abilities.
  4. Applicants must submit an essay (one to two pages, single-spaced) describing their interest in pursuing the MHE degree and their vision of how it will facilitate their career goals.
  5. Applicants currently holding degrees at the doctoral level from an accredited institution will not be required to submit GRE general test scores, except for applicants who have a professional doctoral degree (e.g., PharmD and Juris Doctorate). Those holding degrees at the baccalaureate and master's level must submit GRE general test results to the Graduate School.
HE 6605Leadership Policy and Administration3
or MPH 6605 Leadership Policy and Administration
HE 6620Health Program Planning and Evaluation3
or MPH 6620 Health Program Planning and Evaluation
HE 6623Curriculum and Supervision3
or MPH 6604 Social and Cultural Perspectives in Public Health
HE 6639Teaching Strategies in Health3
HE 6640Research and Writing in Health3
or MPH 6640 Research and Writing in Health
HE 6660Behavior Change Theory and Applications3
or MPH 6660 Behavior Change Theory and Applications
Select either the Thesis or Non-Thesis option:
HE 6650Thesis1-6
Approved Electives6
HE 6651Masters Project in Health Education1-6
Approved Electives 6
Total Hours30