Biological Sciences

Chair and Professor: Loxterman

Professors: Anderson, Baxter, Bearden, Delehanty, Groome, Finney, Keeley, Lohse, Loxterman, Meldrum, Sheridan, Thomas

Associate Professors: Aho, Martin, Pilarski, Reinhardt, Serve

Assistant Professors: Chakraborty, A. Grinath, J. Grinath, Lane, Peecook, Pradhan, Ray, Turner

Lecturers: Adams, Abbruzzese, Frank, Fultz, Marion, Schwarz, Shurley, Stewart

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology, Ph.D.DegreePh.D
Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology, Ph.D.DegreePh.D
Doctor of Arts in Biology, D.A.DegreeD.A.
Master of Science in Biology, M.S.DegreeM.S.
Master of Science in Microbiology, M.S.DegreeM.S.
Bachelor of Science/Master of ScienceDegreeB.S./M.S.


Department Mission 

We are a community that advances understanding of the biological sciences through active discovery, learning, and engagement with society. 

Goals of Biology Graduate Programs

Students successfully completing graduate programs in Biology will:

  1. Be able to think critically and comprehend written and verbal communications regarding topics in the life sciences;

  2. Attain specific skills appropriate for careers in the biological sciences and related industries; and

  3. Attain employment in the biological sciences or related fields. 

Admission Requirements for Biology Graduate Programs

In addition to ISU Graduate School admission requirements, general admission requirements for Biology graduate programs are: 

  • Availability of a suitable faculty advisor
  • Competitive scores on the GRE General Test (verbal and quantitative scores above the 50th percentile)
  • GPA above 3.0 in science and mathematics courses during the last degree-earning program
  • Letters of recommendation from three individuals who can comment on the applicant’s ability to succeed in a biology graduate program
  • Completion of a B.S. degree in Biology or a related field 
  • TOEFL score above 577 (paper-based), 233 (computer-based), or 90 (internet-based), if the applicant’s English is a second language 
  • Availability of financial assistance (see below)

Core Courses for Biology Graduate Programs 

All students in the graduate programs in Biology and Microbiology will take the following courses:

BIOL 6690Careers in Life Sciences (fall semester of first year)1
BIOL 6691Seminar (second semester for M.S. students; third semester for doctoral students)1
BIOL 6605Biometry (spring semester)4

Financial Assistance

The Department of Biological Sciences provides support for graduate students through Fellowships, Research Assistantships, and Teaching Assistantships. All forms of support include a stipend, full tuition, and other benefits. To be fully considered for the next fall semester GTA appointment, an application should be received by the end of December. Visit the department website or contact the biology graduate programs' director for details about financial assistance options.