Fire Services Administration

Fire Services Administration, A.S.DegreeA.S.
Fire Services Administration, B.S.DegreeB.S.

Program Description 

Idaho State University is recognized by the U.S. Fire Administration as an official Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) educational institution. The Associate and Bachelor of Science degrees in Fire Services Administration closely follow the FESHE model and are designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to reduce loss of life and property from fire and other hazards.  The FESHE Model is a key component in the National Professional Development Model and the success of the fire professional. At the Associate level students will learn foundational skills in firefighter safety, building construction for fire protection, fire behavior and combustion, fire prevention, and fire protection systems. In addition, the program explores leadership and legal aspects of the fire services. The program further serves fire service professionals seeking a bachelor level degree with an expanded knowledge in the field of fire.  The curriculum includes political and legal foundations for fire protection, applications of fire research, fire prevention organization and management, personnel management, administration, community risk reduction and fire services ethics.


Students in the Fire Services Administration program can expand on their fire education by earning a minor in Homeland Security and Emergency Management in conjunction with their degree major. This is an excellent way to prepare for the unexpected events and crises that can result in community chaos and disrupt school operations, businesses, hospitals, and countless other impacts involving life safety risks and economic losses. The multidisciplinary nature of various professionals who come together to respond and recover from crises creates a need for baseline knowledge about the risks we face and how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from threats and build a more resilient community.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Educate and develop fire services professionals positioned to reduce loss of life and property from fire and other hazards, build resilient communities to deter current and future threats in an all-hazards environment. The following program educational objectives have been established for students in this program:

  1. To acquire specific knowledge, skills and abilities that enable graduates to develop critical thinking skills to process and analyze fire and all-hazard threats.

  2. To gain a fundamental knowledge of fire services principles and practice throughout the fire service.

  3. To develop an understanding of how fire professionals gather and process data, reach conclusions, and design and implement plans, policies, and procedures.

  4. To prepare graduates to be service-oriented, ethical professional leaders through education in a rich variety of content and perspectives from across the fire services.

  5. To evaluate industry standard administrative techniques as they relate to organizational management in fire service settings.

  6. To understand the federal, state and local regulations within the field of emergency services.

  7. To implement theoretical and research based learning in a practical environment.

Advising Information 

The Associate of Science in Fire Services Administration degree requirements include general education and major courses that are also utilized in the Bachelor of Science in Fire Services Administration degree. Contact Krystal Lyman at 208-373-1760 or for additional requirements and information. 

Students in the bachelor's program must be affiliated with a fire department in order to the complete the internship requirement. The internship is required for those with less than five years in fire services. 

This program requires students to achieve certain grades in order to advance each semester. Specific information is available in the major academic plan (MAPs). All fire services administration courses are live-online. Students must have minimum computer requirements as listed in the program information provided at

Course sequencing should be arranged to meet individual needs. In addition to other degree requirements, 36 credits of general education are required for this degree program. There are some general education classes that serve as prerequisite requirements for some fire services administration courses. Students must also ensure 36 credits of upper division credits. As such, students are strongly encouraged to make an advising appointment with Krystal Lyman at 208-373-1760 or for more information. 


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