Master of Arts in Teaching

Admission Requirements

The student must apply to and meet all criteria for admission to the Graduate School. In addition, applicants for the Master of Arts in Teaching must meet all college requirements for admission and retention. Those include previous teaching experience or current certification to teach in Idaho or another state.

General Requirements

Graduate Core Requirements6
EDUC 6601Research and Writing3
EDUC 6602Theories of Learning3
MAT Concentration (emphasis) Courses21
EDLA 6630Education Equity and Ethics3
EDLT 6616Integration of Technology into School Curriculum3
EDUC 5501Content Area Literacy3
or EDUC 5519 Developmental Literacy
EDUC 6620Motivation for Learning3
EDUC 6622Educational Assessment and Evaluation3
EDUC 6630Advanced Elementary Methods3
or EDUC 6631 Advanced Secondary Methods
or CTE 5503 Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Education
SPED 5550Creating Inclusive Classrooms3
Field Experience Requirements3-6
EDUC 6652Field Practicum in Education1-6
Alternate Authorization Option3
Traditional Option6
Capstone Experience3
EDUC 6651Field Project or Case Study in Education3