Environmental Studies Certificate

This certificate is for students who wish to pursue careers or other involvement in resource management, public policy, and environmental advocacy, an interdisciplinary background on social and environmental studies can provide a valuable context and skill set for professional advancement.

12 credits, which must be taken from at least 3 different departments. Must be enrolled in the Graduate School. 

Ecological Anthropology
Food and Culture
Topics in Sociocultural Anthropology
English and Philosophy:
Literature and the Environment
Global Environmental Change
Foodways in History
Global Environmental History
U.S. Environmental History
History of Energy
Political Science:
Community and Regional Planning
Science and Technology Policy
Environmental Politics and Policy
International Sustainable Development
Public Lands Policy
Rural Sociology and Community Development
Total Credits:12

*Relevant courses not listed here may be applied to this certificate at the discretion of the chair of History.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to explain and apply multi-disciplinary methods and concepts relating to environmental policy, management, research, cultural expression, and/or history.