Withdrawal Procedures

Before the last day to add or drop courses in a semester or session, students may drop and add classes freely. No entry will be made on a student’s transcript for classes dropped during this period.

After the last day to add or drop courses, students may withdraw from a class or from all classes until the last day to withdraw from the semester or session. Check the Academic Calendar for the withdrawal date for each semester or session. The time in which withdrawals are allowed is called the Withdrawal Period. A grade of W is recorded on the student’s transcript for each course from which he or she withdraws.

Before Withdrawal Deadline (see Academic Calendar for dates):

To initiate a withdrawal from a class prior to the deadline, a student may use BengalWeb. In cases where the student does not have the ability to access BengalWeb, contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

In Fall and Spring, after the drop deadline and prior to the withdrawal deadline, students can withdraw from an individual course, as needed.  However, should students wish to withdraw from all registered courses, which constitutes a withdrawal from the University for the current semester, it is highly recommended they consult with the Office of Academic Advising (if an undergraduate student), their program director (if a professional student e.g., health professions), or the Graduate School (if a graduate student) prior to completing the withdrawal process. These offices will support students through the withdrawal process, provide relevant information, discuss financial and enrollment implications, and coordinate with other student services units, as appropriate. 

If students still want to withdraw from their last course, they must contact the Office of the Registrar (reginfo@isu.edu) by the withdrawal deadline. The Office of the Registrar will withdraw the last course accordingly.

After Withdrawal Deadline (see Academic Calendar for dates):

Late withdrawals are limited only to those instances involving exceptional, documented circumstances beyond the student's control that prevented the student from withdrawing from courses in a timely manner. To initiate this petition process, students should contact their academic advisor.  With other questions, students may contact the Office of the Registrar at reginfo@isu.edu

Medical Withdrawal

For information regarding Medical Withdrawal, please see the Student Handbook or contact Student Affairs.

Refunds after Withdrawal

For refund information, see ISU’s Refund Policy and Refunds for Exceptional Circumstances Policy in the Expenses section of this catalog. For more information on how to initiate an appeal for refund of fees, please visit https://www.isu.edu/financeadmin/student-financial-services/refunds/refund-appeals/.