Chair and Professor: Kobs Nawotniak

Professors: Crosby, Delparte, Pearson, Tapanila, Thackray

Associate Professors: Godsey

Assistant Professors: Anderson, Bottenberg, Murray, Sundell

Joint Appointment Faculty: Finney, Lohse

GIS TReC Director: Weber

Emeritus Professors: Blount, Hughes, Link, McCurry, Rodgers

Affiliate Faculty: Hailemichael, Krumenacker, McLing, Sherwin

Doctor of Philosophy in Geosciences, Ph.D.DegreePh.D.
Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering and Applied Science (Geosciences)DegreePh.D.
Master of Science in Geographic Information Science, M.S.DegreeM.S.
Master of Science in Geology, M.S.DegreeM.S.
Master of Science in Geology with Emphasis in Environmental Geoscience, M.S.DegreeM.S.
Post-Baccalaureate GeoTechnology CertificateCertificate

Goals - All Programs

  1. Graduates will think critically and comprehend written and verbal communications about geoscience topics.
  2. Graduates will have specific skills for careers in geoscience and related industries, licensure, or to continue in graduate study.
  3. Graduates will attain employment in geology or related fields or gain admission to graduate programs.

Goals - Graduate Degree Programs

  1. Graduates will be prepared to communicate effectively at the professional level.
  2. Graduates will be prepared to define, implement, and complete geologic investigations.
  3. Graduates will have professional skills for employment or further graduate study.


  1. Provide graduate students with coursework, laboratory experiences, field exercises, and research opportunities in order to achieve all goals set forth above.
  2. Provide graduate students with a professional interactive environment that improves their opportunities to enter successful careers in geoscience.
  3. Increase graduate students’ probability of obtaining employment in academia or industry, or of being accepted for doctoral studies.

General Admission Requirements

A complete graduate application for classified status in the Idaho State University Geosciences Department consists of:

  1. The student must apply to and meet all criteria for admission to the Graduate School. An Idaho State University Graduate School application and official copies of transcripts from all previous coursework are required. In addition to the requirements of the Graduate School, applicants must meet the requirements of the department. 
  2. A letter of intent and statement of goals in graduate school; and
  3. Three letters of recommendation.