Bus Educ (BED)

How to Read Course Descriptions


BED 3332 Methods in Business Education: 3 semester hours.

Organization of career and technical programs as influenced by legislation, State guidelines, association standards, and philosophical frameworks. Designed to prepare the business education teacher with the necessary methodology to successfully teach business education courses at the secondary level. F

BED 4485 Independent Study in Business Education: 1-3 semester hours.

Individual work under staff guidance on areas of concern in business education. May be repeated with permission of instructor. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. F,S

BED 4496 Business Education Student Teaching Internship: 7-14 semester hours.

Candidates assume instructional and management responsibilities while teaching Business Education in a supervised high school setting. Includes weekly professional development seminar. PREREQ: Admission to Teacher Education Program and approval by advisor. Graded S/U. F, S