Bachelor of Applied Science

Cyber Physical Systems Engineering Technology. B.A.SDegreeB.A.S
Paralegal Studies, B.A.S.DegreeB.A.S.
Robotics Engineering Technology, B.A.S.DegreeB.A.S.
Applied Science, B.A.S.DegreeB.A.S.
Information Technology Systems, B.A.S.DegreeB.A.S.

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree is designed specifically for students who have completed Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees approved by the Idaho State Board of Education. The purpose of this degree is to provide AAS graduates the opportunity to expand their general education competencies and to enhance the technical coursework of their AAS with related academic coursework. This degree builds upon the knowledge a student gained through the pursuit of the AAS while providing the education and critical-thinking skills that open career opportunities. The BAS degree is administered through the Student Services Office in the College of Technology. 

Out-of-state AAS degrees must be evaluated for meeting Idaho State Board of Education standards. If the AAS degree is over 5 years old, the student must be evaluated for currency in the technical field.

Applied Science Majors

After completing a minimum of 15 credit hours of BAS general education requirements and one semester of the AAS program, the BAS student develops an ­individualized degree plan in consultation with both academic and technical advisors assigned to the student by the BAS advisor in the College of Technology Student Services Office. Based on the student’s concise and clearly written goal statement, the individualized degree plan will list the specific approved courses that meet the degree requirements. The degree plan and the goal statement must be approved by assigned advisors and the BAS Committee. 

Other Majors

Students earning the BAS degree will have a major of Applied Science unless they fulfill the requirements for the BAS in Cyber Physical Systems Engineering Technology, Information Technology Systems, Paralegal Studies, or Robotics Engineering Technology.

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