B.A.S. Robotics Engineering Technology

(4 Years)

General Education

The listing below includes program requirements that also fulfill General Education requirements.

Objective 16
Objective 23
Objective 33
Objective 46
Objective 57
Objective 66
Students must fulfill Objective 7 or Objective 83
Objective 7
Objective 8
Objective 93
Total Credits37

In addition to 8 of the 9 General Education Objectives (a minimum of 36 credits--see the General Education Requirements in the Academic Information section of this catalog), Robotics Engineering Technology majors are required to take the following courses:

Required Courses:
ENGL 3307Professional and Technical Writing3
PHYS 1101
Elements of Physics
and Elements of Physics Laboratory
or PHYS 1100 Essentials of Physics
or PHYS 1111/1113 General Physics I
RCET 1153ABasic Electricity and DC Circuit Theory4
RCET 1153BBasic Electricity and AC Circuit Theory4
RCET 1154AAnalog Control Devices Theory4
RCET 1154BDigital Control Devices Theory4
RCET 1155ABasic Electricity and DC Circuit Lab2
RCET 1155BBasic Electricity and AC Circuit Lab2
RCET 1156AAnalog Control Devices Laboratory2
RCET 1156BDigital Control Devices Laboratory2
RCET 2251Systems Analog and Digital Theory6
RCET 2253Systems Analog and Digital Laboratory5
RCET 2265Computer Fundamentals and Introduction to Programming4
RCET 2267Radio Frequency Transmission Theory6
RCET 2268Radio Frequency Transmission Lab5
RCET 2271Introduction to Lab Simulation Software2
RCET 1372Calculus for Electronics4
RCET 3371Advanced Programming Techniques and GUI Development4
RCET 3372Advanced Applications of Calculus for Robotics4
RCET 3373Advanced Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems Theory5
RCET 3374Advanced Systems Analysis Theory4
RCET 3375Advanced Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems Laboratory5
RCET 3376Advanced Systems Analysis Theory5
Select a minimum of 10 credits from the following:10
Laser Systems and Optics Theory
Laser Systems and Optics Laboratory
Electronic Drafting for PCB Design
Rapid Prototyping Technologies
Advanced Laser Systems and Optics Theory
Advanced Laser Systems and Optics Laboratory
Independent Study
Special Topics
MGT or OLP Upper Division Courses Numbered 3300-4499
Total Credits100

​Degree Totals

Program Admission Requirements0
General Education37
Major Requirements (w/o General Education)96
Free Electives0
Total Credits133

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