Questions about academic regulations or registration should be directed to:

Office of the Registrar
921 S 8th Ave Stop 8196
Pocatello ID 83209-8196
(208) 282-2661

New Students

You must apply for and be accepted for admission. Contact the Office of Academic Advising to complete the Fundamentals of Advisement and Registration (Mandatory Advising) session (online at and for assistance with registration.

Transfer Students

You must apply for and be accepted for admission. After notification of admittance, you must complete the online Transfer Fundamentals of Advisement and Registration session at; upon completion, you should make an appointment with your major advisor.

Former Students

If you are a student who has attended within the last eight semesters, you are eligible to register for classes without readmission. However, your program of study may require separate departmental readmission. Also, if any prior restrictions exist, they must be cleared. You are required to provide the Office of Admissions with current address, telephone ­number, major, and a transcript from any university or college you have attended and have not previously reported. You are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions to indicate your intent to reenroll. Former students NOT enrolled for eight semesters must reapply. Once accepted, make an appointment with your major ­advisor.

Continuing Students

Students who major within the College of Science and Engineering or the Kasiska Division of Health Sciences are highly encouraged to contact and meet with their advisor before registering for classes for their next semester.
All students are expected to know academic requirements and policies. They are also expected to assume major responsibility for planning their individual programs of study in accordance with university and major requirements and policies, as described in the Undergraduate Catalog.   Meeting with an advisor on a regular basis can be very helpful in the planning process.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is available online at: or at the ISU homepage at Choose “Quick Links,” then choose “Academic Calendar.”

Students are expected to know the Add/Drop and Withdrawal deadlines for the semester and any sessions within a semester.

Class Schedule

The class schedule is available online and may be accessed by students and non-students alike by navigating as follows: From the ISU homepage at, choose “Quick Links,” then choose “Class Schedule.” Enrolled students should access the class schedule through MyISU. For more detailed information about accessing the Class Schedule and registering for classes, visit the TigerTracks Knowledge Base.

Registration Schedule

Registration activity can be performed 24 hours a day through MyISU. The dates that registration opens for a particular semester can be found at:

Class Level

Sophomore:  26 credit hours
Junior:         58 credit hours
Senior:         90 credit hours

Part-Time/Full-Time Student Status

To be considered a full-time student for academic and financial aid purposes, an undergraduate must be enrolled for 12 or more credits. Graduate students are full time when enrolled for 9 or more credits.

For financial aid purposes, an undergraduate may qualify for half-time financial aid when enrolled for 6-8 credits, and three-quarter time financial aid when enrolled for 9-11 credits (for a semester or any of the sessions within the semester).

Please contact ASISU (208-282-3435) to determine eligibility for ASISU elective or appointed office.

Please note: in order to graduate in four years, an undergraduate student must complete an average of 30 credits per year and all required coursework. Students paying by the credit hour pay “full-time” fees if taking 10 or 11 credits.  However, full-time status depends on the credit hours attempted, not the fees actually paid.