Accelerated Degree Program in Public Health

Department website:

The Department of Community and Public Health offers an accelerated (BA/MPH or BS/MPH) program for its most talented undergraduates in the Community and Public Health program. Graduates will receive separate bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as noted on their transcripts. This program allows students to complete the traditional bachelor’s degree in 4 years, but by enrolling in targeted graduate courses in their senior year that count towards both the bachelor’s in Community and Public Health and Master’s of Public Health degrees, the timeline to earn the master’s is reduced from two years to one. The overall cost to earn the master’s degree is thus also reduced, as well.  Students enrolled in accelerated programs who decide not to pursue the Master’s of Public Health after earning the bachelor’s in Community and Public Health degree are not required to do so, and the bachelor’s degree will be awarded as soon as the student has fulfilled all bachelor’s degree requirements.

Admission Requirements

Information about admission into the accelerated program can be found in the undergraduate catalog.

Please note: the semester before completing the bachelor’s in Community and Public Health, students must also apply for formal admission into Idaho State University’s Graduate School. Standard admission criteria must be met in order to be formally admitted into the Graduate School and is available here.  Standardized tests (such as the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc.) are not required for students in accelerated programs.   

General Requirements

Students in the accelerated program fulfill the same requirements for the graduate degree as all other graduate students in the program do. The benefit of the accelerated approach is that up to 12 credits of graduate courses can count toward both degrees. Please reference the graduate catalog’s program description for the list of courses required to earn the Master’s of Public Health degree.

For more information on this program, including admission into the accelerated program and undergraduate degree requirements related to this program, please reference the accelerated program description in the undergraduate catalog.