A student may petition the Dean of the Graduate School for exceptions to the rules and procedures stated in the Graduate Catalog or for consideration of problems not covered by the stated procedures. Petition forms for graduate students are available only from the Graduate School; undergraduate petition forms will not be accepted.

A student may use the petition form to request:

  1. withdrawal from courses after the deadline for withdrawal as stated in the University Calendar;
  2. use of credits more than eight (8) years old to count towards a master’s degree;
  3. transfer of credits from unclassified to classified status;
  4. transfer of more than nine credits from another institution to a master’s degree program at Idaho State University;
  5. an extension of the maximum time (eight years) allowed for completion of a master’s degree or educational specialist degree;
  6. an extension of the maximum time (five years) allowed for completion of a doctoral degree after comprehensive examinations have been passed;
  7. correction of errors or inaccuracies on the student’s official transcript; or
  8. any other deviation from Graduate School policy listed in this catalog.

Petition forms may not be used for:

  1. appeals of a grade or of dismissal from a program. See the section on "Appeals and Dismissals" in this Catalog;
  2. substitutions of courses within degree requirements or waivers of degree requirements. (Exceptions to degree requirements are requested as a part of the approval process for the Program of Study.)