Transfer and Double-Counting of Credits

Master’s Degrees

All graduate credits must be earned as Idaho State University resident credits except for the following:

In all master's degree programs, a maximum of 30% of the credit requirements up to 12 credit hours may be transferred from a regionally accredited institution. Individual degree programs, with the approval of the Graduate Council, may accept fewer than 30% of credit requirements in transfer (see individual program descriptions in this catalog for more information). Transfer of credits from a regionally accredited institution are acceptable only if the courses are specifically approved by the Graduate School and the academic department of Idaho State University when the final program of study is submitted. In these instances, only the credit hours transfer, not the grades, and courses must be transferred in whole.

Official transcripts to be used for transfer of credits in a degree program must be received by the Graduate School before application for a degree will be approved.

Intra-Institutional Transfer

Transfer of Credits from Unclassified to Classified Status

Students may petition the Dean of the Graduate School to transfer course work taken while admitted to Unclassified status to a degree program. The total number shall not be more than 30% of the total credits of the program of study required of each student for the degree.

Transfer of Credits from One Program to Another

There are no limits to the number of Idaho State University credits that may be applied toward a master’s degree program or certificate program that were originally earned in a different degree program if:

  1. The student was not awarded a degree in the original program, and
  2. The department approves the transfer of such credits and the courses taken meet the requirements for the degree approved by the Graduate Council.

There are no limitations with respect to electives that exceed the requirement for the degree.

Departments and/or colleges/divisions may allow students to apply up to 9 semester credits earned at Idaho State University to two master’s degrees with Graduate School approval.

Doctoral Programs

Departments may accept credits by transfer in total or in part from a master’s degree earned at Idaho State University or at another accredited institution regardless of age of the courses. See section on "Time Limits" for further discussion of this policy.

Deadline for Transfer Credit Request

Requests for transfer credits need to be submitted to the Graduate School within the 1st year of program enrollment and prior to submission of program of study. 

Certificate Programs and Double-Counting of Course Credits

Up to 12 credits of graduate courses taken while concurrently enrolled in a degree program and a certificate program may be double-counted towards the requirements for both with the approval of the directors of the certificate and degree program as well as the Graduate School. Individual programs may have additional provisions or restrictions related to the double-counting of credits between a certificate and a degree. Please see the specific certificate or degree program description in this catalog for any additional applicable information. Students who have earned certificates previously and are returning to ISU to pursue a degree should contact their program director to discuss the possibility of previous relevant certificate credits being used in their new degree program.

In no case is it permissible for credits appearing on the program of study for one graduate certificate to be counted towards a second graduate certificate.