Law Enforcement

(1/2 to 2 Years)

Law Enforcement, B.T.C.Certificate
Law Enforcement, I.T.C.Certificate
Law Enforcement, A.A.S.DegreeA.A.S.
Applied Science, B.A.S.DegreeB.A.S.


To provide the knowledge and technical skills for eligibility to become certified peace officers as set forth by the standards of the Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training Council for the State of Idaho.

Program Information

The Law Enforcement training program is an Idaho law enforcement academy (police academy) that provides classroom knowledge and practical skills preparing graduates to enter the general field of law enforcement.

The Law Enforcement program is approved by the Idaho Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) Council, thus eliminating the graduates’ need to attend other training before taking the ­certification exam. Because the Law ­Enforcement program is driven by POST ­standards for certification in the law enforcement field, applicants to the program must meet POST standards for ­admission. These admission standards ­include a polygraph and a background check into the ­applicants’ criminal, driving, and psychological record.

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All Law Enforcement courses must be completed with a minimum grade of "C-" to continue in the program.

Admission Requirements

Prerequisites for Entry into Program:

  1. Must pass a polygraph exam.
  2. Must pass a background and driver’s license check.
  3. Must pass an FBI fingerprint check.
  4. Must pass a physical agility test.
  5. Must pass a medical physical exam with checks for fitness, vision, and hearing.
  6. Must apply for Fall Semester by August 1st deadline.
  7. Must apply for Spring Semester by December 15th deadline.

Physical Agility

Students must pass a physical agility test to be accepted into the program. This test includes running, push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping.


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