Programs in Management

Management, B.B.A.DegreeB.B.A.
Human Resources, Academic Certificate Certificate
Entrepreneurship, Certificate Certificate
Project Management, CertificateCertificate
Supply Chain Management, Academic CertificateCertificate

Department Overview

Management is a great major for the entrepreneurial-minded or those with an interest in individual and group behavior within an organization. Management is a multidisciplinary field, covering information within the sociology and psychology of the business world as well as the operational side of a business. Students learn about human behaviors in an organization and how to most effectively appropriate those behaviors for a well-functioning operation.

We include an applied educational component in our program so students have the opportunity to learn through applying the concepts studied in the classroom. College of Business 3393 internships and College of Business Core Courses do not count toward the 24 credit hour major course requirement.


Management Courses