Paralegal Studies

(2 Years)

Paralegal Studies, A.A.S.DegreeA.A.S.
Paralegal Studies, B.A.S.DegreeA.A.S.


This program will provide students with the skills and knowledge to work under the supervision of an attorney in all areas of the law including administrative, bankruptcy, civil litigation, corporate, ­criminal, domestic, employment, environmental, estate planning, health care, and real estate. Graduates will investigate, interview, research, organize, analyze, draft case documents and materials, and generally assist attorneys in all phases of client representation.

Program Information

For a Program Information Packet showing descriptions of each option, course descriptions, lists of course sequences, and the cost of books, tools, uniforms, fees, and other expenses, go online to

This program requires students to achieve certain grades in order to advance each semester. Specific information is available in the program’s student handbook. A grade of “C” or better in all courses of a chosen option is required for graduation. If a “C” or better is not achieved in a required class, the student may repeat the class only one time.


PARA Courses