Minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The minor in Pharmaceutical science helps students to prepare for careers in biomedical research and/or pharmaceutical industry.     

Required Courses

PSCI 2205Drugs in Society2
PSCI 3301Introduction to Pharmacology3
PSCI 3353Introduction to Methods in Pharmaceutical Sciences2
PSCI 4438Pharmaceutical Science Research2
In addition, the student must take a minimum of 9 additional elective credits from the list below of elective courses.9
Total Credits18

Elective courses

PSCI 3308Drug Discovery2
PSCI 3368Introduction to Toxicology3
PSCI 4401Drug Abuse2
PSCI 4402Immunopharmacology2
PSCI 4403Infectious Diseases and Natural Products3
PSCI 4404Pulmonary and Cardiac Pharmacology3
PSCI 4405Behavioral Pharmacology2
PSCI 4406Introduction to Endocrinology2
PSCI 4407Pharmacogenomics2
PSCI 4408Medicinal Chemistry3
PSCI 4430Psychopharmacology3
PSCI 4431Cancer Biology3
PSCI 4432Anti-cancer Drugs3
PSCI 4433Physical Pharmaceutics3
PSCI 4434Pharmacokinetics3
PSCI 4436Special Topics in Oncology1
PSCI 4441Diabetes for Health Sciences2
PSCI 4462Neuropharmacology3
PSCI 4482Special Topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences1-3