Master of Science in Athletic Training and Doctor of Physical Therapy

Master of Science in Athletic Training / Doctorate of Physical Therapy

The MSAT/DPT dual degree pathway is a unique pathway for select students. Normally, obtaining both degrees would take a total of 5 years, but with the dual degree, the program can be completed in 4 (47 months), graduating with an MSAT and DPT degree, as well as completion of requirements to sit for the national board examinations for both professions. Both the MSAT and DPT programs are accredited by the respective governing bodies. This pathway has been approved by the Idaho State Board of Education.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must be admitted to both programs (MSAT and DPT) separately. The applicant will use the normal application (PTCAS for the DPT; ATCAS for the MSAT program). Application for the DPT Program is due October 1 and the application for the MSAT Program is due November 15. In addition, a letter must be submitted to both programs declaring interest in the dual degree pathway by November 15th

Once an applicant has applied and is accepted for both programs, the DPT entrance will be deferred 1 year; the first year of the program will be entirely MSAT content.

Deposits for BOTH programs would need to be made by the deadline for each program.

Awarding of Degrees

Both degrees will be awarded at the end of the entire program (47 months). The candidate may be eligible to sit for the Athletic Training Board of Certification examination during the last academic semester of the entire program and for the National Physical Therapy Examination during the final clinical semester.

Course Sequence

The MSAT sequence will consist of the first summer session and two semesters. The DPT sequence follows for six semesters plus two summer sessions.

First Year
  AT 66003
  AT 6600L1
  AT 66022
  AT 66043
  AT 66122
Second Year
AT 6602L1AT 66085Open (Internship Opportunity) 
AT 66065AT 66143 
AT 66105AT 66453 
AT 66614AT 66623 
 HPSS 55143 
 15 17 0
Third Year
PT 55014PT 55025PT 55143
PT 55122PT 66063PT 66081
BIOL 55745PT 66181PT 66223
BIOL 55865PT 66203PT 66232
PT 66142PT 66213 
 18 15 9
Fourth Year
PT 66091PT 66101PT 66325
PT 66152PT 66152 
PT 66243PT 66191 
PT 66262PT 66252 
PT 66315PTOT 66282 
PT 66423PT 66463 
 PT 6648 (*)1-2 
 PT 77153 
 16 15-16 5
Fifth Year
PT 66152PT 77335 
PT 66171PT 77345 
PT 66191  
PT 66481-3  
PT 66501  
PT 77111  
PT 77131  
PT 77254  
PT 77273  
PT 77283  
 18-20 10
Total Credits: 149-152
*Note: Students are required to take 2 credits of electives.  PT 6648, Graduate Special Topics, can be taken to fulfill these elective credits or students may complete other electives if approved by the program director.