College of Business

College Overview

The Idaho State University College of Business offers a four-year undergraduate program of business administration and liberal arts subjects leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration or a Bachelor of Science. There are seven majors available—Accounting, Economics, Finance, General Business, Healthcare Administration, Management, and Marketing. The ­College of Business offers minors in Business and Economics as well as certificates in Financial Literacy, Professional Sales, Labor Economics, Project Management, and Entrepreneurship.  In addition, the Master of Business Administration, Master of Accountancy, and Master of Healthcare Administration ­degrees are offered through the Graduate School. The B.B.A., M.B.A., M.Acc., and ­accounting programs are nationally accredited by AACSB, the International Association for Management Education.

Role and Mission

The College of Business, an integral part of Idaho State University, shares the role and mission of the university as established by the State Board of Education.

The primary mission of the College is to meet our students where they are by providing life changing educational opportunities and an engaging and applied educational experience. We leverage relationships among faculty, staff, alumni, and the business community to increase student success and support the economic development of our community. With world-class faculty and staff, we develop outstanding business professionals who perform effectively and ethically in local communities and across the globe.

Undergraduate Curriculum Learning Goals

 All business majors should have a solid foundation in each of the discipline areas (accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing), as well as be capable of solving open-ended business problems by effectively communicating and working as part of a team.  Specifically, the College of Business students should be able to:

  • Communicate effectively;
  • Use quantitative and analytical techniques to solve business problems;
  • Describe and propose solutions to ethical, global, and cultural issues that arise in business settings; and
  • Apply key concepts to make business decisions.

The College of Business faculty and departments engage in ongoing assessment activities to evaluate student learning and outcomes. The goal of the College is to prepare students to succeed and compete after completing their education. Assessment occurs in classes as part of assignments, projects, and exams. Assessment is designed to help faculty ensure student learning. Feedback from assessment is used to help redesign classes and class activities.

Core Business Course Requirements

The core requirements for the undergraduate business degree consists of integrated coursework through which students learn the fundamentals of business while working on a real-world business case. The core coursework is designed to help students develop essential soft-skills including communication, teamwork and leadership. 

Applied Educational Requirement

The College of Business offers major areas of study designed both to equip students for immediate entry into the professional world and to meet the challenges of our changing environment. In support of this objective, we include a 3 credit hour applied educational requirement for all majors so that our students have the opportunity to learn through applying the concepts studied in the classroom. To allow student flexibility, we have designated the following courses as satisfying the applied educational requirement:

  • Any Department 3393 Internship
  • Any Department 4493 Advanced Internship 
  • ACCT 4440 Accounting Practicum
  • FIN 4451 Student Managed Investment Fund I
  • FIN 4452 Student Managed Investment Fund II
  • INFO 4488 Informatics Senior Project
  • MGT 4411 Small Business and Entrepreneurship Practicum
  • MKTG 4411 Small Business and Entrepreneurship Practicum
  • ECON 4485 Econometrics

Laptop Requirement

Undergraduate students in the College of Business are required to have a laptop computer that they can bring to class. We recommend that you purchase a computer your freshman year as it is required for MGT 2216 and all other 3000-level business courses. We recommend that the computer be capable of running the Windows version of MS Office.

College Leadership