Master of Science in Geology with Emphasis in Environmental Geoscience

A geology master's degree may be awarded with the annotation “Emphasis in Environmental Geoscience” added if the student completes the requirements for a master's degree plus at least 9 credits in approved graduate-level courses in the general area of Environmental Geoscience. Students who wish their master's degree to contain the added designation “With Emphasis in Environmental Geoscience” need to file an amended program of study form with the Graduate School. The curriculum may be developed in, but is not limited to, the following areas: surface and groundwater hydrology; environmental geochemistry; surficial geological processes; geomorphology; volcanic, earthquake, and other geologic hazards; environmental geophysics; assessment and remediation of hazardous waste sites; or Neogene and Quaternary geology. Courses in related sciences and engineering disciplines may also be included.

The curriculum must be approved by the student’s graduate committee and may include components taken at Boise State University and/or the University of Idaho. Inter-university graduate committees are encouraged.