Computer Aided Design Drafting Technology

(1 to 2 Years)

Mechanical Drafting, I.T.C.Certificate
Architectural Drafting, I.T.C.Certificate
Computer Aided Design Drafting, A.T.C.Certificate
Computer Aided Design Drafting Technology, A.A.S.DegreeA.A.S.
Applied Science, B.A.S.DegreeB.A.S.


  1. The Computer Aided Design Drafting (CADD) Program at the Idaho State University College of Technology will address the interests and requirements of both current and potential participants in career opportunities within engineering and architectural firms, machinery manufacturers, structural steel fabricators, and construction companies.
  2. The program will provide skills, knowledge, and training in current Computer Aided Design Drafting Technology theory utilizing various software programs to produce high-precision graphics required by architecture, engineering, construction, and other industries.  Such industries use these graphics to manufacture goods and machinery and assemble structures, both for end consumers and other businesses. 
  3. Students will learn how to solve practical problems applying applications of mathematics and descriptive geometry.  They will understand and demonstrate proper use of national standards in the creation and revision of technical drawings.

​Program Information

For a Program Information Packet showing descriptions of each option, course descriptions, lists of course sequences, and the cost of books, tools, uniforms, fees, and other expenses, go online to

Successful completion (D- or better) of each course is required before the student can progress in the program.


CADD Courses