Paramedic Science

B.S. Health Science, Emergency Medical Services ConcentrationDegreeB.S.
Paramedic Science, A.S.DegreeA.S.
Paramedic Science, CertificateCertificate
Community Paramedic, CertificateCertificate

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

An Associate of Science degree in Paramedic Science, a Paramedic Science Academic Certificate, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences with an Emergency Medical Services Concentration are offered. Additionally, the Community Paramedic Academic Certificate program is available to licensed or certified paramedics.

Educational Goal

Develop an emergency medical services professional who is well prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

These degrees are intended for students interested in a career in pre-hospital medicine and EMS education and management. As the field of EMS continues to grow and change, leaders and educators with a background in emergency medicine are needed to help shape the future of pre-hospital medicine and healthcare. This program is designed to prepare students for the clinical and administrative challenges of a career in emergency medical services and healthcare.

Paramedic Science Program

An Associate of Science degree in Paramedic Science and the Paramedic Science Academic Certificate are offered at the ISU-Meridian Health Science Center and ISU-Idaho Falls. 

Educational Goal

To prepare competent entry-level paramedics in the cognitive, psychomotor and affective learning domains. 

Program Student Learning Outcomes

1. Prepare emergency medical technicians with the opportunity to attain an associate of science degree or academic certificate in paramedicine, which will qualify them to take the EMT-P examination through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. 

2. Demonstrate ability to consistently perform and adequate patient assessment based upon the chief complaint.

3. Prevent and reduce mortality and morbidity due to illness and injury through patient assessments and the provision of medical care. 

Graduates of the program will also provide public education and health promotion, and participate in injury and illness prevention programs. They will function as facilitators of access to care, as well as be initial treatment providers. This degree will provide employment and additional educational opportunities for the student to become a registered, certified paramedic and work in the paramedic field in Idaho as well as surrounding states.

Advising Information:

There are pre-professional requirements that must be completed before enrolling in the Paramedic Science program. Contact Krystal Lyman at 208-373-1760 or, or visit to learn more about the program requirements. 

Community Paramedic Academic Certificate

The Community Paramedic Academic Certificate is offered by the Emergency Services Department under the College of Health. This academic certificate meets the needs of licensed paramedics who wish to pursue an additional certification that will allow them to work in the emerging field of Community Paramedics. Community paramedicine is an expanding specialty that has increased across the nation in response to the Affordable Care Act. Paramedics who complete this certificate will be eligible to assume a position as a Community Paramedic and assist in the development and implementation of a community paramedic program within their community.

Career Development and Professional Growth Objective:

Community Paramedics work in collaboration with local public health agencies and primary care and specialty care providers by assessing and evaluating community services and systems in order to identify gaps in healthcare services in both urban and rural, medically under-served communities. Community Paramedics work as part of a multidisciplinary team that includes physicians, nurses, social workers, discharge planners, pharmacists, and other members of the healthcare team. Community Paramedics help individuals and communities overcome barriers that prevent them from accessing and benefiting from healthcare services. They serve as advocates, facilitators, liaisons, community brokers, and resource coordinators. They also are direct services providers, ensuring basic and advanced levels of care appropriate to prevention, emergencies, evaluation, triage, disease management, and basic oral and mental health. The overall goal of the Community Paramedic is mentoring and empowering citizens, communities, and healthcare systems to achieve positive outcomes and to reach optimal levels of wellness for everyone.

Advising Information:

This is a 9 credit, 3 semester program that begins each January. Admission to this program requires either a current paramedic license or certification. Contact Krystal Lyman at 208-373-1760 or, or visit to learn more information about the program requirements. 

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