Rehabilitation and Health Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation and Health SciencesDegreePh.D.

Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation and Health Sciences

The Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation and Health Sciences program (Ph.D. in RHS) provides students with education and research training to develop their areas of expertise to become independent scholars, educators, administrators, or leaders within their disciplines. Students will be expected to complete academic core, research core, specialized program, dissertation and other program requirements for degree completion. The program is offered through either traditional (on-campus) or non-traditional (online) models with full-time or part-time options, however certain limitations may apply. See more information at the PhD Program website

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Rehabilitation and Health Sciences (RHS) PhD program will have: 

  • successfully completed the 1) core curriculum in the program, 2) comprehensive examinations, and 3) submitted a grant proposal for funding consideration
  • participated in cross-disciplinary and interprofessional education and pedagogy, which may include clinical, research, or teaching experiences outside of their professions
  • demonstrated proficiency in face-to-face and online teaching (e.g., lecture, discussion, laboratory, lesson planning, testing, and grading) and use of innovative strategies for access (e.g., video interaction, online teaching, independent study)
  • demonstrated the ability to plan, initiate, conduct, analyze, and disseminate quality research within their discipline