Mindfulness Certificate

The Interprofessional Certificate in Mindfulness allows the student to develop a broad understanding of mindfulness research and theory, as well as develop skills in mindfulness practice and its specific applications in a variety of settings. The certificate requirements include core coursework (7 credits) and elective coursework (4 credits).

Elective courses are in two main areas: Mindfulness Applications courses (1 credit) and Theory/Context of Mindfulness (3 credits). Completion of a capstone project is also required. The certificate is available and appropriate to all members of the university community, undergraduate or graduate; it may be of particular interest to health science students considering a career in a healthcare profession. Completion of the certificate requires a minimum of 11 credits, which includes the capstone project. Students may opt to focus their studies in a specific emphasis area that further personalizes their application of mindfulness principles according to their intended professional path.

Core Courses7
DHS 5510Fundamentals of Mindfulness2
DHS 5506The Mindful Practitioner2
DHS 5501Mindfulness in Health Science2
DHS 5515Mindfulness Capstone1
Electives - Applications of Mindfulness1
DHS 5508Mindful Self-Compassion1
DHS 5512Introduction to Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness1
DHS 5516Mindfulness-Based Strength Practices2
DHS 5514Independent Study in Mindfulness1
Electives - Theory of Mindfulness3
DHS 5599Experimental Course (Evidence-Based Complementary and Integrative Health)3
Total Credits:11