Med Assisting (MA)

How to Read Course Descriptions


MA 2200 Clinical Medical Assisting I: 4 semester hours.

Clinical basics includes: Medical records, data collection, asepsis; disinfection and sterilization of instruments, vital signs and measurements, CPR and First Aid training; emergency preparedness procedures. Pre- or Co-requisites: HO 1106, BIOL 2227 and BIOL 2227L and BIOL 2228 and BIOL 2228L F, S

MA 2201 Electronic Health Records & Documentation in Medical Assisting: 6 semester hours.

This course will develop the student?s understanding of the documentation responsibilities in both the administrative and clinical areas of an ambulatory care facility. This course will develop the student?s concept of working within a computerized electronic health record using software in hands-on computerized processing of medical schedules, records, clinical documentation, health insurance claims, billing and coding, posting charges and payments, and practice management reports. Pre- or Corequisite: HO 1106, BIOL 2227, BIOL 2227L, BIOL 2228 and BIOL 2228L. F, S

MA 2202 Administration of Medications and Phlebotomy: 4 semester hours.

This course covers the routes of administration and the proper methods for delivery of medication by these routes. We will also cover Phlebotomy, Hematology, Blood Chemistry, Serology, and IV Therapy. Practical application of these skills will be applied during this class. Prerequisites: MA 2200; HO 1106; BIOL 2227 and BIOL 2227L and Pre- or Corequisite BIOL 2228 and BIOL 2228L F, S

MA 2205 Clinical Medical Assisting II: 4 semester hours.

Clinical Medical Assisting II includes: Nutrition, Microbiology, Urinalysis, Gastroenterology and Men?s Health, Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging,

MA 2208 Clinical Medical Assisting III: 4 semester hours.

Clinical Medical Assisting III includes specialty exams and procedures associated with: Eyes & Ears, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Cardiovascular and Pulmonology exams. Tests and specimen collection such as Snellen chart testing, pulmonary function testing and electrocardiography will be performed. Prerequisites: HO 1106; MA 2200; BIOL 2227 and BIOL 2227L and Pre- or Corequisites: MA 2202; MA 2205; BIOL 2228 and BIOL 2228L F, S

MA 2209 Professional Practices for Medical Assistants: 3 semester hours.

Medical Law and ethics requirements for the medical assistant. Principles and application of law to health care organizations and personnel, standards of care and liability. Writing a professional resume and preparing for job interviews. F, S

MA 2210 Medical Assisting Practicum: 4 semester hours.

Application of the principles and practice of medical assisting in an external learning environment of a medical practice under the supervision of a physician and the medical practice staff. Graded S/U. PREREQ: All other MA required courses. F, S

MA 2296 Independent Study: 1-8 semester hours.

Addresses specific learning needs of individuals for the enhancement of knowledge and skills within the program area under the guidance of an instructor. May be repeated. Graded S/U, or may be letter-graded. PREREQ: Permission of the instructor. D

MA 2298 Special Topics: 1-8 semester hours.

Addresses the specific needs of industry, enabling students to upgrade technical skills that are not included in the current program curriculum. May be repeated. Graded S/U, or may be letter-graded. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. D

MA 2299 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.