Participation in Classified or Proprietary Research

The Graduate School affirms the policy regarding the participation of graduate students in classified or proprietary research as it is stated in the Idaho State University Patent Policy. To fulfill the University's obligations as a publicly aided educational institution, University research should serve a public rather than a private purpose and the results should be disseminated on a non-discriminatory basis. The University encourages studies whose results can be freely published. However, the University recognizes that certain proprietary concerns of private research sponsors and the effective commercialization of research outcomes may require limited delays in publication. This policy shall apply to all persons employed by Idaho State University or a component thereof, and to anyone using facilities or funds as outlined in Section V of this policy. This policy, as amended from time to time, shall be deemed to constitute part of the conditions of employment of every employee and of every student. This statement shall be interpreted to mean that students must not be delayed in their program of study up to and including the awarding of the degree and that placement of the finished thesis or dissertation in the library for public access may not be delayed longer than six months.