Graduate Nursing Education Certificate

Program Description:

The GNE Certificate program prepares the nurse to provide education in a variety of settings. The program meets the graduate-level education course requirement for NLN Certificate in Nursing Education however, other criteria apply.

Program Outcomes:

At the completion of the GNE Certificate program, the student will demonstrate competence in the aspects of nursing education based upon educational theories and the most current clinical evidence. This includes assessing learning needs, implementing and evaluating education offerings and developer evaluate curricula in clinical and academic settings.

Admission Criteria:

1. Earned Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from program accredited by the CCNE or other nationally recognized accrediting body for nursing education.

2. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in Nursing degree

3. Verification of valid and current unencumbered RN license

4. Completed application by preferred deadline of December 1st. Applications submitted after December 1st are accepted on a rolling basis.

Application Requirements:

The student must apply to and meet all requirements for admission to the Graduate School. In addition to the general requirements of the Graduate School, the following are required:

1. Submission of official transcripts from each institution at which they have taken any post-secondary work directly to the Graduate School. Evidence of a completed BS in Nursing or BSN from an accredited nursing program must be listed on official transcripts

2. Submission of professional vitae or resume.

3. Submission of a professional essay (2-3 pages excluding title/references) describing applicant's interest in nursing education and vision of how the certification will facilitate career goals.

4. Submission of two professional reference forms attesting to the applicant’s capacity for graduate level study. see attached with the plan of study for full/part time as it does not enter into this document in the table format used in catalog.


(Two semesters if full time, Three if part time)

NURS 6633Rethinking Nursing Education3
NURS 6639Teaching and Learning Strategies in Nursing Education3
NURS 6635Curriculum Issues and Development3
NURS 6640Evaluation Issues and Strategies in Nursing Education3
NURS 6636LAcademic Nursing Education Practicum3
Total Credits:18
NURS 6646LClinical Nursing Education Practicum3

Plan of Study:

Full Time:
First Year
NURS 66333NURS 66403
NURS 66353NURS 6636L3
NURS 66393NURS 6646L3
 9 9
Total Credits: 18
Part Time:
First Year
NURS 66333NURS 66403
NURS 66393NURS 6636L3
 6 6
Second Year
NURS 66353 
NURS 6646L3 
Total Credits: 18