Idaho Dental Educ Prog (IDEP)

How to Read Course Descriptions


IDEP 5513 Dental Anatomy Lecture I: 1 semester hour.

Nomenclature, chronology and methods of designation of human teeth. Form, size and contour of the teeth, including external and internal anatomy of the permanent and deciduous dentitions, intertooth relations and occlusion. COREQ: IDEP 5514.

IDEP 5514 Dental Anatomy Laboratory: 3 semester hours.

Carving of plaster teeth larger than average measurements and carving of wax teeth to natural size. Mounting of study casts on a functional articulator and waxing of teeth in occlusion. COREQ: IDEP 5513.

IDEP 5515 Dental Materials Science I: 2 semester hours.

Composition, properties and application of the materials used in dentistry. Basic information on the design of preparatory work necessary for the mouth incident to the reception of these materials.

IDEP 5517 Interpersonal Relationships and Communication: 1 semester hour.

To assist their orientation and adjustment to professional education, freshmen will participate in group introductions followed by a discussion on interpersonal relationships with classmates, administrators, faculty, and staff; dealing with stress; and establishing study habits.

IDEP 5523 Preventative Dentistry: 2 semester hours.

Introducing the philosophy and need for preventive dentistry by developing the student's knowledge of and skills for effective oral hygiene. Concepts of self motivation, knowledge of dental diseases and abnormalities; application of the principles of flouridation, nutrition, patient motivation, and home care.

IDEP 5525 History of Dentistry: 1 semester hour.

To acquaint the student with the history of dentistry from ancient times to present, emphasis is placed upon contributions by individuals and groups of individuals leading to the current status of dentistry in the United States.

IDEP 5526 Community Dentistry Field Experience: 1 semester hour.

Designed to acquaint students with area health problems and with area health services and agencies. Field experience is gained during dental health and/or career presentations in public schools. To provide a variety of experiences, visits are made, for example, to the chronically ill, aged, or handicapped; to water purification facilities; to Indian groups.

IDEP 5533 Oral Hygiene Technique: 1 semester hour.

Introduction to the instruments and their usage in performing a complete scaling prophylaxis of the teeth. Perodontal charting and instrument sharpening techniques are also performed. Didactic, laboratory, and clinical introduction.

IDEP 5534 Dental Materials Science II: 3 semester hours.

Continuation of DENT 5515. PREREQ: IDEP 5515.

IDEP 5535 Occlusion Laboratory: 1 semester hour.

Various exercises simulating clinical diagnostic and treatment procedures are employed to exemplify principles of maxillomandibular relationships. COREQ: IDEP 5554.

IDEP 5544 Values and Ethics: 1 semester hour.

Designed to identify and understand one's own ethical decision-making processes and the relationship of religion with values and ethics. Students will discuss the areas of value of care for people as individuals, challenges of personal and professional opportunities, code of ethics of the ADA and dental care delivery systems.

IDEP 5554 Occlusion Lecture: 1 semester hour.

Basic principles of maxillomandibular relationships, static and functional, as related to the occlusal surfaces of the teeth. COREQ: IDEP 5535.

IDEP 5563 Dental Radiology I: 1 semester hour.

History, theory and application of ionizing radiation resulting in radiography of the oral structures including exposure and developing parameters along with basic interpretation. COREQ: IDEP 5564.

IDEP 5564 Dental Radiology Technique: 1 semester hour.

Practical experience in exposing and developing dental radiographs. The course will include techniques required to complete a diagnostic full mouth series, bitewing films and panoramic radiographs. COREQ: IDEP 5563.

IDEP 5565 Dental Radiology II: 1 semester hour.

History, theory, and application of radiographic methods in dentistry including cephalometric, panoramic, and digital modalities. COREQ: IDEP 5563 and IDEP 5564.

IDEP 5566 Medical Chemistry for Dental Students: 3 semester hours.

Provide dental students the understanding of biochemical components of the body with primary emphasis upon the structure, function, and synthesis of the macromolecular components of cells and tissues. The roles of proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and saccharides in metabolic processes and regulation are examined along with the interrelationships among carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, purines and pyrimidines. A particular emphasis is made in applying these principles to the treatment of dental patients. PRERERQ: Student must be a participant in the Idaho Dental Education Program to be accepted.

IDEP 5599 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

This course is not described in the catalog. The course title and number of credits are announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times. May be repeated.

IDEP 6617 Extramural Dental Education Program: 2 semester hours.

Community clinical experience at the ISU dental clinic. Under direct supervision, dental students observe and participate in total patient care and office management while serving Idaho residents who would not normally receive dental care.

IDEP 6699 Experimental Course: 1-6 semester hours.

This course is not described in the catalog. The course title and number of credits are announced in the class schedule by the scheduling department. Experimental courses may be offered no more than three times. May be repeated.