Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology

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General Requirements

The graduate curriculum is 24 months in length and is divided into two academic years, including coursework and supervised clinical experiences. Generally, each class of students will progress through the curriculum as a cohort, although a non-traditional, part-time route is also available. If a non-traditional route is desired, students should contact the program-training director to determine an appropriate schedule to complete requirements, keeping in mind prerequisites and co-requisites.

The didactic curriculum is comprised of foundational courses in pharmacology and physical assessment in the first year, followed by integrated psychopharmacotherapeutic courses in the second year. Topics in law, research and writing, and practice management are also included. Supervised clinical experiences will be required in both years of the curriculum to ensure adequate and appropriately timed patient care activities and supervised prescribing of psychotropic medications. Some courses may have laboratory hour requirements.

A complete list of professional/technical standards covering essential capacities for observation, communication, sensory and motor function, behavioral and social attributes, and other student performance requirements is available from the program.

Course Sequence

First Year
RXPP 55433RXPP 66113RXPP 66031
RXPP 55443RXPP 6611L1 
RXPP 66021PSCI 66123 
RXPP 66203PSCI 66133 
 10 10 1
Second Year
RXPP 66043RXPP 66073RXPP 66101
RXPP 66053RXPP 66083 
RXPP 66063RXPP 66403 
 9 9 1
Total Credits: 40