Idaho Advanced General Dentistry Residency Program

The Department of Dental Sciences sponsors the Idaho Advanced General Dentistry Residency. The goal of the program includes increasing the knowledge and clinical skills of the general dentist beyond that achieved in the doctoral education. Through an integrated multidisciplinary learning environment, residents are able to increase their competence in the application of modern standards of care and practice management.

This one-year residency focuses on providing comprehensive care in a variety of clinical settings, emphasizing rural, under-served, and at-risk populations. Residents also receive training with patients who have emergency or episodic needs. A certificate is awarded upon the successful completion of the program.

The IAGD is fully accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation until 2024.

IAGD Program Outcomes:


  1. effectively and safely manage the emergency, episodic, apprehensive, and comprehensive needs of patients.
  2. satisfy requirements for the Certification in IV Sedation.
  3. confidently and competently coordinate and provide care for patient with special needs including those who are indigent, medically challenged, developmentally disabled, or otherwise would not have access to regular dental care.
  4. apply Principles of Professionalism and Ethics in all matters of daily practice;
  5. value the importance of Continuing Dental Education and professional growth in their trajectory as a professional.
  6. demonstrate effective leadership and management of Dental Team personnel with an emphasis on Team collaboration, development, and constructive Team assessment.

Further information concerning this program, e.g., admission requirements, forms, etc., can be obtained by contacting the Program Director.