Master of Public Health

The MPH Program at ISU is accredited by the Council for Education in Public Health (CEPH). The 42-credit curriculum has been developed to meet the Public Health Foundational Competencies required for all CEPH-accredited programs. In addition to the traditional public health core knowledge areas of biostatistics, epidemiology, social and behavioral sciences, health services administration, and environmental health sciences, the curriculum also addresses cross-cutting and emerging public health areas.

General Requirements

Applicants' transcripts will be evaluated by the Departmental Graduate Admissions Committee at the time of application to determine if deficiencies exist in the undergraduate coursework. Any deficiency that is identified must be made up prior to beginning the MPH program. Committee members will specify to the student courses that must be taken to rectify any deficiency.

Students pursuing the MPH degree must complete a minimum of 42 credits of coursework, including a 6-credit thesis or capstone/project and 6 credits of elective course work. Examinations for students choosing the capstone/project track are conducted internally through the department, while students choosing to do a thesis will require a Graduate Faculty Representative and will follow ISU Graduate School policies for theses.

All students must maintain a satisfactory record of scholarship. A 3.0 grade point average (GPA) or better is required for any graduate degree or certification at Idaho State University. A grade below B is essentially failing at the graduate level. Students who earn a grade below a B in a core course will be required to retake that course. Students who earn grades below a B in two courses will be dismissed from the program.

MPH 5540Research and Writing in Health 11
MPH 5507Rural Health Systems3
MPH 6601Applications in Epidemiology3
MPH 6602Biostatistics3
MPH 6604Social and Cultural Perspectives in Public Health3
MPH 6605Leadership Policy and Administration3
or HE 6605 Leadership Policy and Administration
MPH 6606Environmental and Occupational Health3
MPH 6609Seminar in Public and Community Health3
MPH 6620Health Program Planning and Evaluation3
or HE 6620 Health Program Planning and Evaluation
MPH 6640Research and Writing in Health2
or HE 6640 Research and Writing in Health
MPH 6650Thesis6
or MPH 6651 Public Health Project
MPH 6660Behavior Change Theory and Applications3
Approved Electives6
Total Credits42