Registered Nursing (ADRN)

How to Read Course Descriptions


ADRN 2210 Nursing Transition: 1 semester hour.

Professional skills needed in the transition of roles from LPN to RN are addressed. The three roles of the professional nurse and evidence-based decision-making are stressed. Admission to program. Su

ADRN 2211 Mental Health Nursing: 2 semester hours.

Nursing assessment and care of the patient and family experiencing psycho-social and mental health disorders within acute, chronic, and community settings. PREREQ: Admission to program. Su

ADRN 2212 Clinical Foundations of Nursing III: 1 semester hour.

Clinical experiences for nursing care within a variety of acute and community-based settings guide the development of the problem solving process in nursing. The focus of this course is on skilled nursing and mental health nursing care, including therapeutic use of self. COREQ: ADRN 2210 and ADRN 2211. Su

ADRN 2214 Community Health Nursing: 1 semester hour.

Nursing care of community-based populations. Nursing concepts across the life-span in community-based settings as it relates to the professional nurse. Emphasis on community assessment, health education and evidence-based nursing strategies within community-based settings. PREREQ: Admission to Program. COREQ: ADRN 2210 and ADRN 2211. Su

ADRN 2220 Health Assessment: 2 semester hours.

Health assessment of all ages, interpretation of data, extended development of critical thinking skills; developing patient care based on clinical findings. PREREQ: ADRN 2210. COREQ: ADRN 2220L and ADRN 2230. F

ADRN 2220L Health Assessment Lab: 1 semester hour.

Practical experience in health assessment of all ages; interpretation of clinical data in simulated situations; planning and prioritizing care based on clinical findings. PREREQ: ADRN 2210. COREQ: ADRN 2220 and ADRN 2231. F

ADRN 2230 Medical and Surgical Nursing III: 2 semester hours.

Professional nursing care of individuals and groups with acute and chronic health events requiring nursing assessment and intervention within institutional and community care facilities. PREREQ: ADRN 2212. COREQ: ADRN 2231. F

ADRN 2231 Clinical Foundations of Nursing IV: 3 semester hours.

Clinical experiences for nursing care within a variety of acute and community-based settings guide the development of knowledge and skills. PREREQ: ADRN 2212. COREQ: ADRN 2230. F

ADRN 2232 Family Nursing: 2 semester hours.

Study of conditions or complications of women's health, pregnancy, peri-partum, plus newborn, child, and family assessment; nursing care and prioritization of interventions for the child-bearing, child-rearing family are addressed. PREREQ: ADRN 2230. COREQ: ADRN 2245. S

ADRN 2233 Medical and Surgical Nursing IV: 2 semester hours.

The three roles of the nurse are established within the framework of legal and ethical professional nursing practice. Nursing assessments and interventions in the high-acuity patient are addressed. PREREQ: ADRN 2230. COREQ: ADRN 2245. S

ADRN 2240 Leadership for the Professional Nurse: 1 semester hour.

Theory of management skills and practicum. Emphasis on nursing leadership, legal and ethical issues and role transition for the professional nurse. PREREQ: ADRN 2230. COREQ: ADRN 2233. S

ADRN 2245 Clinical Foundations of Nursing V: 3 semester hours.

Clinical practicum for the professional nursing care of high-acuity patients and their families. Nursing leadership is implemented along with critical thinking and evidence-based decision-making for persons and groups of persons experiencing health events. PREREQ: ADRN 2231. COREQ: ADRN 2233. S

ADRN 2296 Special Topics: 1-8 semester hours.

Addresses the specific needs of industry, enabling students to upgrade nursing skills that are not included in the current program curriculum. May be repeated. Graded S/U, or may be letter-graded. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. D

ADRN 2298 Independent Study: 1-5 semester hours.

Designed to address specific learning needs of individuals, this course enables students to enhance nursing knowledge and skills. PREREQ: Permission of instructor and program director. D