Online Addiction Studies Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies is tailored to facilitate a comprehensive learning experience, this program encompasses a wide range of topics vital for addiction support and counseling.

Program Curriculum and Learning Outcomes

Through a series of meticulously curated courses, participants will delve deep into critical areas such as ethical and legal issues in counseling, theories of counseling and psychotherapy, effective interventions, and empirically supported treatment modalities. The coursework is structured to aid in building a solid foundation, enabling students to establish their unique theoretical approach to working with diverse groups, including individuals, couples, and families.

Key areas of focus within the program include:

  • Tailored counseling strategies for clients struggling with addiction.
  • Holistic case management techniques that emphasize the entirety of the individual’s well-being and promote sustained engagement in treatment.
  • Group counseling methods and the development of essential facilitation skills.
  • Comprehensive understanding of how addiction influences a person’s physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health.
  • An overview and awareness of pharmacological treatment strategies across various stages of addiction, including withdrawal, ongoing treatment, recovery, and relapse prevention.
  • Utilization of standard screening and assessment tools to identify substance use disorders, process addictions, and co-occurring mental health conditions.
  • Insights into the addictive nature and properties of a range of substances and behaviors.

As students navigate through the program, they will evolve into ethically and spiritually aware behavioral sciences professionals, ready to promote mental health and holistic wellness across diverse populations. This transformation ensures that graduates are well-equipped to provide unwavering support and assistance to people living with addiction.

HE 5550Introduction to Addictions3
CPH 4451Basic Addiction Treatment Skills3
HE 5543Substance Use and Misuse in Community and Public Health3
HE 5553Blood Borne Illness1
HE 5554Addiction w/in Family Systems3
HE 5555Screening and Assessment of Substance Use and Misuse3
HE 5556Case Management of Substance Use and Misuse3
HE 5557Ethics for Addiction Cnslrs3
HE 5558Group Skills for Addiction Cns3