Interdisciplinary Programs

Health Science, A.S.DegreeA.S.

Several programs of study in the Kasiska Division of Health Science are interdisciplinary in nature and serve to enhance and enrich the academic experience of health science students, better preparing them for a career in the health field or for further studies in medical, dental, pharmacy, or other graduate health education. As healthcare itself is a multi-faceted field and successful practitioners must display a wide range of competencies, these degree offerings likewise take a multi-disciplinary approach, and include coursework in physical, biological, social, and behavioral sciences, as well as in areas such as interpersonal communication, ethics, and the humanities. Interdisciplinary programs of study include courses and instruction from many different academic units on campus, including the Colleges of Health, Business, Arts and Letters, and Technology, as well as departments that range from Anthropology and Biological Sciences to English and Philosophy. The Associate of Science in Health Science, the Bachelor of Science in Health Science, the Minor in Health Aging, and the Interprofessional Geriatric Certificate are examples of these programs.