Mathematics Consulting Teacher Endorsement

The Mathematics Consulting Teacher Endorsement prepares currently certified K-12 teachers, with a minimum of three years of teaching, to provide technical assistance to mathematics teachers and other staff in schools and school districts and become teacher leaders in mathematics. This assistance may include such things as the selection and implementation of appropriate teaching materials, instructional strategies, and procedures to improve the educational outcomes for students in mathematics. Coursework for the endorsement can serve as 21 of the 30 credits required to earn a master's degree in Elementary or Secondary Education from the College of Education.


Candidates must apply to and meet all criteria for admission to the Graduate School.

Mathematics Teaching and Learning12
EDMT 5570Teaching Mathematical Thinking Data Analysis and Statistics3
EDMT 5571Teaching Mathematical Thinking Geometry and Measurement3
EDMT 5572Teaching Mathematical Thinking Algebraic Reasoning3
EDMT 5573Teaching Mathematical Thinking Numbers and Operation3
Understanding Adults as Learners3
OLP 6621Theories of Adult Learning3
OLP 5510Principles of Change3
Or other approved course on adult learning
Pedagogical Knowledge3
EDUC 6614Pedagogy and Content Knowledge3
EDUC 6630Advanced Elementary Methods3
or EDUC 6631 Advanced Secondary Methods
EDUC 6641Advanced Studies in K-12 Curriculum3
Field Project3
EDUC 6651Field Project or Case Study in Education3
EDUC 6670Seminar in Elementary Education3
or EDUC 6671 Seminar in Secondary Education
Total Credits 21