Petition Policies

An undergraduate student may petition the appropriate college dean or committee for consideration of problems of curricula or admission that are not covered by stated procedures. Curricular petitions must: 1) include a recommendation from the undergraduate student’s advisor, 2) a recommendation by the chair of the department offering courses in the subject field or by a special committee overseeing the requirement, and 3) catalog copy of descriptions of courses transferred from other institutions if the course is to be considered in a test of course equivalency. All copies of the petition are to be advanced to the Registrar’s Office for action after all signatures are affixed. Decisions may require several weeks, and notice of the result will be mailed to the undergraduate student. An undergraduate student may petition for:

  • Readmission following a dismissal. Undergraduate students with extenuating circumstances that warrant a review of the dismissal status may petition the Readmission Review Board (RRB) located in Central Academic Advising. Students who have been academically dismissed may not return to ISU for at least one full Fall or Spring semester. To be considered for readmisssion to ISU, all dismissed students will:
    • Complete an ISU admissions application,
    • Submit official transcripts from other colleges and universities attended,
    • pay the current application fee, regardless of the number of semesters since their last enrollment,
    • Submit a readmission petition and personal statement accompanied by relevant documentation from appropriate sources, and
    • Be admitted under the catalog year in effect at the time of readmission, if readmission is granted.

The RRB will be guided in its decision by evidence of academic potential and readiness to handle the curriculum in a satisfactory manner; evidence of motivation to pursue an educational goal; evidence of corrective measures undertaken by the undergraduate student. Readmitted undergraduate students will have stipulations placed upon their readmission, which may include: repeating courses previously taken, limiting the number of credits attempted, enrolling in specific courses, having regular follow-up with an advisor or faculty member, receiving specific assistance from the Career Center or other ISU resources, and/or participating in specified study labs or help groups. The deadline for petitions is July 15 for Fall semester and November 15 for Spring semester. Students may not be readmitted to the summer semester. Decisions reached by the RRB are final.

  • Substitution of departmental requirements. An undergraduate student may petition to substitute courses in lieu of departmental requirements. The course or courses the undergraduate student wishes to substitute must be approved by the departmental chairperson.
  • Substitution of the General Education requirements. An undergraduate student who transfers from another institution may petition to have courses with similar content but different titles than those offered at Idaho State University substituted for courses listed in the General Education requirements. Petitions must be approved by the Provost.