Chair and Professor: A. Holland

Professors: L. Castle, C. Evilia, J. Pak, R. Rodriguez, J. Rosentreter

Associate Professors: L. Goss, C. Jenkins

Assistant Professor: L. Nickerson

Teaching Associate Professor: T. Morris

Visiting Assistant Professor: D. Stringle

Senior Lecturer: R. Rosentreter

Associate Lecturer: E. Omar

Assistant Lecturers: N, Allen, A. Bernard, K. McMurtrey

Master of Science in ChemistryDegreeM.S.
Accelerated BS/MS Program in ChemistryDegreeB.S./M.S.

Master of Science in Chemistry Goals

  1. Graduates will attain a broad knowledge in their focus area of chemistry.
  2. Graduates will conduct novel research in chemistry.
  3. Graduates will be prepared to continue their education in pursuit of a doctorate or to enter the workforce. 

Accelerated BS/MS Program in Chemistry Goals

  1. Students will obtain a broad knowledge in the four major areas of chemistry.
  2. Graduates will conduct research in a narrow part of one of the above.
  3. Graduates will be prepared to continue their education in pursuit of a doctorate or to enter the workforce.

Application Process for MS and BS/MS Programs

Applications will be considered at any time, but must be submitted by April 1 to receive full consideration for funding support during the following academic year. Applications should include the following components, which are uploaded within the application form:

  1. Official or unofficial transcripts describing all post-secondary work. Official transcripts will be required upon admission.
  2. A letter of intent describing your reasons for choosing our program, and how your personal strengths and goals align with your expectations of the program.
  3. Three letters of recommendation, submitted through the application system, from professionals in the sciences or mathematics attesting to your potential to succeed in a graduate chemistry program.

Applications for the BS/MS program should be submitted directly to the Chemistry Department, and should also include a summary of current courses and expected grades. Applications for the MS programs should be submitted to the graduate school, and are subject to their requirements.

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering and Applied Science

A doctoral program in Engineering and Applied Science, administered through the College of Science and Engineering, is available to the students in the Department of Chemistry.