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Programs in General Business

Business, B.S. Online CompletionDegreeB.S.
Business, A.S.DegreeA.S.
Business, MinorMinor
General Business, B.B.A.DegreeB.B.A.
Native American Business Administration, EmphasisEmphasis


The General Business major is offered to broadly augment core curricula and is often chosen by students who may be entering a family-owned or small business where they may assume multiple responsibilities. The major provides additional breadth of knowledge in contemporary business subjects and also establishes a strong foundation for those who expect to receive specialized training from an employer. Moreover, we include an applied educational component in our program so that our students have the opportunity to learn through applying the concepts studied in the classroom. College of Business 3393 internships and College of Business Core Courses do not count toward the 24 credit hour major course requirement.

General Business Courses