Programs in Finance

Finance, B.B.A.DegreeB.B.A.
Financial Literacy, Academic CertficateCertificate

Department Overview

Finance is a quantitative discipline, requiring an understanding of accounting and economics. Students entering the finance field, typically have an interest in understanding financial analysis, forecasting and evaluating financial performance. As a major in the finance department, students gain hands-on experience in stocks, financial planning, commercial banking and even entrepreneurship and corporate finance. Overall, graduates gain the invaluable skill of understanding how to manage money in life and business.

Moreover, we include an applied educational component in our program so that our students have the opportunity to learn through applying the concepts studied in the classroom. College of Business 3393 internships and College of Business Core Courses do not count toward the 24 credit hour major course requirement. Finance majors are encouraged to include additional courses in Finance, Economics, and Accounting as part of the 24 hour credit total.


Finance Courses