Family and Consumer Sciences

Blended Early Childhood Education, B.A.DegreeB.A.
Consumer Economics, Minor (Non-Certification)Minor
Family and Consumer Sciences, 45 Credit EndorsementEndorsement
Family and Consumer Sciences, 30 Credit Endorsement30 Credit Endorsement
Family and Consumer Sciences, Minor (Non-Certification)Minor
General Family and Consumer Sciences, B.S. (Non-Certification)DegreeB.S.


These degree areas are designed to prepare teachers and other professionals through general and specialized coursework. The coursework requirements for each major are listed in this section of the catalog and include core coursework in Education (EDUC), Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS), and/or related areas of study. Candidates interested in pursuing a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences should contact the Department of Organizational Learning and Performance for additional information.

Program Outcomes

  1. Empower the Family and Consumer Sciences practitioner to uniquely contribute to diverse and ever-evolving educational, community, and business contexts.

  2. To produce Family and Consumer Sciences graduates who will be proficient in the delivery of their subject areas and in subject matter knowledge, as well as those research strategies, which can be used to evaluate curriculum effectiveness.

FCS Courses