Organizational Leadership Certificate

The 12-credit graduate certificate in Organizational Leadership provides students with a solid foundation in the field of organizational leadership. This certificate is designed for leaders, aspiring leaders, and those involved in leadership development. This certificate provides students with the theoretical and practical skills needed for leaders to effectively lead their teams and their organizations.

Organizational Leadership Certificate Course Requirements (12 credits)

OLP 5510Principles of Change3
OLP 5512Organizational Development3
OLP 5531Workplace Leadership3
OLP xxxx Approved graduate-level leadership-related elective3
Total Credits12

Students may choose from the following electives or an advisor-approved elective for their organizational leadership elective:

OLP 5533Coaching Skills for Leaders3
OLP 5541Contemporary Leader Development3
OLP 5544Ethics and Diversity in the Workplace3
OLP 5552Reframing Organizations3
OLP 6603Psychology of Leadership3
OLP 6604Leadership Scholarship3
OLP 6607Workplace Evaluations and Assessments3
OLP 6637Internship in HRD1-3
OLP 6661Performance Improvement3

Student Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

  • Evaluate workplace situations and demonstrate the skills and competencies needed for effective individual, team, and organizational workplace leadership.
  • Describe and apply leadership, change management, and organizational theories and skills in a variety of organizational situations.