(1 to 2 Years)

Welder General, I.T.C.Certificate
Welder-Fitter, A.T.C.Certificate
Welder-Fitter, A.A.S.DegreeA.A.S.
Welding Nuclear, CertificateCertificate
Applied Science, B.A.S.DegreeB.A.S.


  1. To prepare graduates for gainful employment in critical welding ­applications to include: pipeline, petro-chemical, power generation, sanitation, and high purity welding.
  2. Additionally, graduates will be prepared to begin their welding careers by completing courses in math, theory, layout, and blueprint reading to augment their welding skills.

​Program Information

For a Program Information Packet showing descriptions of each option, course descriptions, lists of course sequences, and the cost of books, tools, uniforms, fees, and other expenses, go online to https://www.isu.edu/welding/.

Students must pass each welding core course with a letter grade of C (2.0) or better to continue in the program. More detailed information is available in the program's student handbook:



WELD Courses