B.S. to M.S. Homeland Security and Emergency Management

The proposed accelerated B.S. Homeland Security and Emergency Management and Masters in Homeland Security and Emergency Management degree programs are designed for students to be able to complete both degrees. Students should typically apply to the program by April 1st during their final undergraduate year. At the time of application, students must have a grade point average of 3.3 or higher. Other admission requirements of the Masters in Homeland Security program remain the same.

A maximum of two graduate-level courses from the graduate program may be used for the program, provided that these two courses are completed with a grade of B- or better. The Master's HSEM courses that can be counted towards the BS are HSEM 5540 and HSEM 5570. The six graduate-level credits will count toward meeting the undergraduate and graduate program requirements. As additional information, for the Masters in HSEM program, the total number of credits for the program is 30. An additional 24 credits of graduate coursework is required for the accelerated MS HSEM programs, including 6 credits of HSEM 6690 Thesis or HSEM 6680 Capstone Project in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. 

For more information please see the program description in the undergraduate catalog