Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering and Applied Science

This interdisciplinary program is open to students in Engineering and Applied Science, administered through the College of Science and Engineering, and is available to students in the Department of Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Measurement Control, Chemistry, Geosciences, Mathematics, and Physics.

The program allows for a broad range of research topics in Engineering (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science and Management, Measurement and Control Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering), Chemistry (Biochemistry, Atmospheric, Environmental, Materials, Inorganic, Organic, Organometallic, and Physical Chemistry), Geosciences (Geology, Geochemistry, Environmental Geosciences), Mathematics (Applied Mathematics and Computational Mathematics), and Physics (Radiation Science, Accelerator Applications, and Applied nuclear physics).

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering and Applied ScienceDegreePh.D.


Prepare graduates to conduct and disseminate independent scholarly research. Prepare graduates for careers in academia, government, or industry.


  • Increase the knowledge of graduates in their specialized fields: Chemistry, Engineering (all disciplines), Geosciences, Mathematics, and Physics.
  • Enhance the ability of graduates to contribute to their chosen field.
  • Enhance effective written and oral communication skills of graduates.