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The School of Performing Arts is comprised of the music, theatre, and dance disciplines. The goal of the School is to provide the highest quality education and performance activities to those whom it serves. We are located in the Stephens Performing Arts Center, as well as the Fine Arts building (for most music courses), and the Red Hill Building (for most dance courses).

Theatre Program

Idaho State University's Theatre Program (see also provides a well-rounded curriculum that is both fundamental and innovative. Theatrical productions range from classics to contemporary, from intimate to large-scale, and from student-directed to faculty produced. The program is structured to provide a rich mixture of academic, design, and performance courses, coupled with a broad array of electives, enabling ISU students to pursue theatre as a profession.


The Idaho State University Theatre Program is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes related to the undergraduate Theatre Program (B.A.) are to help all students obtain a level of achievement appropriate to entry-level professionals in their specialty areas:

  • Knowledge of theatre as a social and aesthetic experience.
  • Articulate clear understanding of theatre history and related dramatic literature.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in fundamental acting and directing abilities.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in fundamental technical theatre abilites.
  • Proficiency in study skills.
  • Produce distinct critical thought and quality research.
  • Proficiency in thinking clearly, logically, and independently.
  • Execute artistic work to a professional standard.

The theatre curriculum is designed to provide not only a humanistic awareness of our history and civilization through a study of dramatic literature and theatre history, but also to allow the student to pursue courses of study which develop skills and techniques applicable to the production of plays and other theatrical media.  A balance between theoretical and practical courses is offered in this degree program.

Special Graduation Requirements

The Department of Theatre and Dance requires a departmental GPA of 2.5 as a standard for graduation. An additional requirement is that a theatre major or theatre or dance minor must earn no less than a "C-" grade in each THEA or required dance course that is fulfilling a degree program requirement to be considered passing. Furthermore, at least a "C-" grade must be received to advance to another course for which the earlier course is a prerequisite, or to advance to the next level of a continuation course.

Students completing any bachelor's degree must complete 8 of the 9 General Education Objectives (a minimum of 36 credits--see the General Education Requirements in the Academic Information section of this catalog.)


Auditions for Department of Theatre and Dance productions are open to all University students. Theatre majors are required to audition for every mainstage production or work in a technical position in order to remain in good standing as a theatre major. Only theatre majors in good standing are eligible to audition for theatre scholarships.

Dance Program

The B.A. in Dance and Choreography has been discontinued.

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