Theatre and Dance Faculty

Chair and Professor

Young, Tara, Department Chair and Professor, Theatre and Dance.  B.A. 1996, M.F.A. 2002, Southern Illinois University.  (2002)


Ballam, Vanessa, Professor, Theatre and Dance.  B.F.A. 2002, B.A. 2003, Utah State University; M.F.A. 2006, Indiana University.  (2012)

Associate Professor

Yeates, Paul, Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance.  B.F.A. 2010, B.A. 2010, University of Utah; M.F.A. 2014, University of Connecticut.  (2017)

Visiting Assistant Professor

Keator, Ananda, Visiting Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance.  B.S. 2000, Florida State University; M.F.A. 2018 University of Texas at Austin (2019)

Assistant Professor

Petersen, Jef, Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance. B.A. 2004, College of Idaho; M.A. 2009, University of Oregon; M.F.A. 2013, University of Idaho (2023)

Technical Director/Production Manager/Lecturer

Rodgers, Chad, Technical Director/Production Manager/Lecturer, Theatre and Dance. B.S. 2005, Idaho State University; M.F.A. 2014, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (2023)


Lloyd, Marcia L., Professor, Dance. 1977-2001

Schroder, Norman E., Professor, Theatre and Dance.  1999-2021